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Why Ackerman

We are committed to prudent, time-tested investment strategies and fiscal policies

Investment Policy at Ackerman & Co.

Investment policies are intended to preserve or increase the real principle value of all managed assets.

Unique Opportunities

Investments may be used to provide Unique Opportunities for higher rates of return, but only when the Investment Committee feels they can support higher risk and/or reduced marketability.


Dedicated advisors work only for their clients benefit, and are compensated only by the fee agreed upon by you, the customer.

Risks Worth Taking

Returns come from risk. Gain is rarely accomplished without taking a chance, but not all risks carry a reliable reward. Financial research over the last fifty years has brought us to a powerful understanding of the risks that are worth taking and the risks that are not.

No Speculating

Successful investing means not only capturing risks that generate return but also reducing those risks that do not. Avoidable risks include holding too few securities, betting on countries or industries, following market predictions, and speculating


We take advantage of the ways markets are right over the long-term & the way they compensate rational investors.

Personal Consultation

We realize that you have unique return objectives; risk tolerances and your plans must include taking care of your loved ones. We will structure your portfolio accordingly.


Specialisation requires us focus on one thing and do it to perfection

The Future

Become a client and bring rational investing into your portfolio today.